Yamaha RH10MS
Yamaha RH10MS

RH10MS, Auriculares de Estudio from Yamaha.

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moosers 07/02/2010

Yamaha RH10MS : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Yamaha RH10MS are a high quality pair of studio headphones. In my opinion, these are probably the best headphones that I've used in the studio under the Yamaha name. I've used the headphones for general listening, monitoring, and checking mixes. I can't say that these would be any good for mixing as I personally have a hard time doing any real mixing on headphones, but they are certainly suitable for checking and A/B mixes on. Where they really excel however is for monitoring during recording. For me it is extremely important that I'm able to hear everything going on during recording something as I like to play off of everything going on around me, and the RH10MS provides just that. These headphones are designed to give you a wider and fuller sound than most studio headphones, with a technology that they call 'S-Logic,' and I'd say that they certainly do so. The headphones are also very comfortable to wear, which should be a large consideration if you're using them to monitor during recording as for me it is very important to feel as comfortable as possible, and this means having headphones that fit well. In addition to the stellar sound quality and feel, the Yamaha RH10MS studio headphones are built extremely well and are built to last. Like all Yamaha products, you're getting assurance and reliability as they are the world's leader when it comes to making musical instruments and related gear. They are not only just built well, but they have a pretty cool look for a set of headphones, which are generally not known for their looks. The price of the headphones is pretty reasonable for a well built pair, as they are around $100 USD. I'd recommend checking out a variety of headphones before making your decision, but absolutely do not overlook the Yamaha RH10MS.