Yamaha HPE-170
Yamaha HPE-170
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moosers 16/05/2009

Yamaha HPE-170 : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Yamaha HPE-170s are a pair of studio headphones designed for monitoring during recording. They have the standard 1/8 inch connector, but has an adaptor that allows you to turn it into a ¼ inch connection. The headphones have a sturdy build and will stay on your head securely and stably. The sound quality of the Yamaha HPE-170 is very good as it has a nice crisp high end presence and also has a good amount of low end response for headphones. While they aren’t suitable for mixing, they are a perfect set of headphones for monitoring and listening during recording and playback. I also often use them for simply listening to music as they sound way better than most headphones out there in this respect. While the price of these headphones has gone down a bit, they still aren’t the cheapest headphones around nor are they the most expensive. They are set at a reasonable price considering that if you treat these headphones properly they will last a good amount of time for you. While they are probably a little bit more expensive than most studio headphones out there, to me the they are worth the extra price because they sound great and have a sturdy built. I know that this is an investment and that they will last me a good amount of time when handled right. Yamaha has been making musical instruments and equipment longer than just about anyone else and they know what they are doing. Their audio and electronic products are always built well and are aimed to last a long time without compromising quality. If you are looking for a set of headphones to use for your home or professional studio, the Yamaha HPE-170 studio headphones are a great choice for monitoring during recording sessions.