Pioneer HDJ-1000
Pioneer HDJ-1000

HDJ-1000, Auriculares para DJ from Pioneer belonging to the HDJ-1000 model.

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the mau5 18/03/2009

Pioneer HDJ-1000 : la opinión de the mau5 (content in English)

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I just purchased a set of pioneer hdj 1000's of eBay and when they arrived they were fakes. They are American audio hp-700 with the pioneer logo on them. A very similar look but a few minor differences. The sound quality isn't bad but the lows are horrible. They make a weird noise. They came from China and they were only $50. You can tell a fake from a real by the swivel joints, the fakes are black the reals are silver. Also there is no stereo/mono switch on the fakes. If the headphones are extremely cheap, come from china, and have a stock photo ask for a real photo of them or there probably fakes. I hope you found this review helpful.