Sennheiser HD 205
Sennheiser HD 205

HD 205, Auriculares para DJ from Sennheiser in the HD series.

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moosers 06/11/2010

Sennheiser HD 205 : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Sennheiser HD 205's are a pair of studio headphones that are specifically designed for DJ's. One of the ears on these headphones can rotate for listening with one ear only when necessary, hence they are DJ headphones. They aren't designed for any sort of other real pro audio use, but like most headphones can certainly be used in any situation where you'd want to listen to something on headphones. My roommate, who is a DJ, has a pair of these headphones and he likes them a lot for what he's using them for. I've borrowed them a few times just to kind of see what they sound like and to get some comparison to my headphones and others that I've used. While the HD 205's are definitely suitable for listening back to stuff in the studio or elsewhere, I wouldn't use them in the studio for any purposes other than this. I can't speak too much about their usefulness in the world of DJing, but as I said earlier, my roommate who has these uses them for this purpose and likes them a lot. Even though they do have a full enough sound, they're definitely not adequate for mixing and really not even for checking mixes if they're the only headphones you're checking on (they would be fine as an extra set). For these reasons, I wouldn't recommend the Sennheiser HD 205's for anything other than the intended use for DJ's. The price should probably be a bit cheaper, as it's not too far off from the HD 280's, which in my opinion are superior in sound and overall quality, as well as versatility. Check these out if you're looking for a set of DJ headphones, but otherwise I'd consider another pair like the HD 280's or something else from Sennheiser.