Fender Jazz Bass (1969)
Fender Jazz Bass (1969)

Jazz Bass (1969), 4-string bass guitar from Fender in the Jazz Bass series.

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spiritfingers 28/12/2008

Fender Jazz Bass (1969) : la opinión de spiritfingers (content in English)


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I own a Fender Jazz Bass made in the USA. I bought it used off EBay 8 years ago and is guitar of choice. I have 3 other basses but play live and record with this Fender Jazz Bass because it has a great sound. Mine has two centered pickups, volume and tone controls on the bass, and also a bass and treble eq controls on the bass which makes for easy sound equalization live. 23 frets just short of two full octaves. It has a maple wood neck made by Fender. This guitar feels great in your hands, easy to slide between notes. The only thing I wish now is that I would have bought it fretless! The bass has a 9 volt battery, so make sure to stash an extra battery in the case in case it dies live.


The Jazz Bass has extra wide frets making it easy to play and have a very distinct sound. The bass is a bit heavy so playing it all night with a strap on can end up giving you some back pains in the morning.


I have had trouble with the input jack last year, but did a little home repair tightening the mount. Whenever the guitar cable would move in the jack a large static rush would come through the amp, which was not good for the speakers.


I paid 450 on Ebay used, but it was in perfect condition so I feel as though i got a good deal. Of course a hardshell case is recommended to protect this amazing bass. I have no plans to purchase any other bass in the future because this has the perfect sound. I have recorded over 4 albums, and played countless number of shows over the past 8 years with this bass. I reccomend this bass and wouldn't buy the Mexican made model, It is better to go for the USA model.