Fender American Jazz Bass [2000-2003]
Fender American Jazz Bass [2000-2003]

American Jazz Bass [2000-2003], 4-string bass guitar from Fender in the Jazz Bass series.

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moosers 18/03/2009

Fender American Jazz Bass [2000-2003] : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Fender American Series Jazz Bass is a classic bass guitar that is one of the most used basses worldwide. It has two single coil pick ups that have tone and volume controls to set your own unique tone.


While I don't know what type of wood the neck of the Jazz Bass is made out of, it has an awesome feel to it that makes it extremely easy to play all around the neck. It has a classic look and shape to it that has become known by all bass players and musicians alike. The weight of the guitar is about average and isn't too heavy at all. The inherent sound is unique to the Jazz Bass series and is both full and rich in tone. Getting a good sound is quick and easy, as the Jazz Bass has a truly great tone to it.


The Fender American Series Jazz Bass is great for all types of music, and is definitely not just limited to jazz as the name might suggest. While it is suitable for all types of music, I use it mostly in country, folk, pop, and rock. I use this bass guitar both for recording and for live use, but the majority of time I use it for recording. For recording I usually record the signal direct with a Countryman DI box, but for live I like to use it with a Fender Bassman amp. Overall, it doesn't get too much better than the inherent sound from the Jazz Bass.


I've been using the Fender American Series Jazz Bass for about five years and it is definitely one of the better bass guitars that I have played and recorded with. It is aimed at the professional bass guitar player and has a price that is right considering you are getting a truly great instrument. If you are a bass player, you probably already know what this can do, but if you don't it is absolutely worth looking it.