Fender Standard Jazz Bass [2006-2008]
Fender Standard Jazz Bass [2006-2008]

Standard Jazz Bass [2006-2008], 4-string bass guitar from Fender in the Jazz Bass series.

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badgerific 24/03/2011

Fender Standard Jazz Bass [2006-2008] : la opinión de badgerific (content in English)

"Good gigging bass."

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-Made in mexico

-Standard fender jazz bass single coil pick-ups

-Controls: Bridge volume, Neck volume, Master tone

-Alder body

-Maple bolt on neck with rosewood fingerboard

-20 frets

-Standard Fender four saddle bridge

-White 3-ply pick-guard


Seems like a very well built instrument but it's hard to tell because this bass received rather abused by the previous owner. Despite being treated badly everything worked correctly and was quite easy to intonate. The neck is a nice example of a slim jazz bass neck profile. It's easy to play for prolonged periods of time without hand fatigue building up in the fretting hand. This is the heaviest of my basses and I find it can make my shoulder to ache after an hour or so of playing using an average thickness un-padded strap.


I use this with my Ashdown MAG-300 combo amplifier and find it hard to make this bass to sound bad. This bass has a great punchy sound with that wonderful mid-heavy grind that I love from jazz basses. I use this bass predominantly in a Ska-punk band and it fits in perfectly, it cuts through the mix without being to in your face. The main problem sound wise with the bass is the amount of noise produced by the pick-ups which is a common problem but it doesn't provide me enough problem with my rig to warrant changing the pick-ups to aftermarket noiseless ones.


Overall I think this is a great bass, I got it for a very good deal in a trade for a Digitech Whammy 4 effects pedal due to the cosmetic damage to the body of the bass by the previous owner. I'd be happy to buy one of these new though for the asking price they're quality instruments although I can't see myself buying a new bass for a while.

My favorite thing is the sound of this bass, it's perfect for the style of music I play. My main problems with this bass are all aesthetic based and most of which caused by the previous owner one thing that could be improved is an upgrade to noiseless pick-ups.