Hohner HP Bass
Hohner HP Bass

HP Bass, 4-string bass guitar from Hohner.

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moosers 21/12/2011

Hohner HP Bass : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Hohner HP Bass is essentially a copy of the popular Fender Precision Bass. I don’t know the exact years, but sometime in the 80’s Fender lost their patent for the P Bass and a slew of other companies started using the design. Of course when they got the patent back they sued everyone who stole the design, but many of these P Bass clones are still around under a variety of brands, including this one from Hohner. It’s got the same make up as a P Bass and has just a single pick up.


It’s super easy to play the Hohner HP Bass. It’s got the same fluid and tight feel that you get with a nice Fender P Bass. It’s a hard feeling to describe but those who have played any decent P Bass understand what I’m talking about. I think it has to do with it’s round neck that makes it so easy to slither up and down the neck. For pick up control there is just a knob for volume and another one for tone so there should be no issues there.


The sound of the Hohner HP Bass is absolutely reminiscent of that classic P Bass sound as it’s punchy and round. It has a very specific sound and even though this isn’t a Fender it’s definitely true to the P Bass tone. There isn’t much more to say about this as those who know what a P Bass sounds like will be happy to hear that this is the real deal.


Although somewhat rare, the Hohner HP Bass is an awesome way to get a true P Bass copy without having a spend a bunch of money. The one that I’ve used was purchased for a very small amount of money. I’m not sure if you need to get lucky for this to happen but it seems like this is a great deal if you can find one. After playing one of these I’m looking into getting one for myself for sure…