Schecter C-4
Schecter C-4

C-4, 4-string bass guitar from Schecter in the C series.

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dannyv 13/08/2008

Schecter C-4 : la opinión de dannyv (content in English)


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This bass has a beautiful finish. That is what really caught my eye when I first saw it. It was really t he feel and the active 2-band Eq that made me buy it.


When I first tested this bass I knew I had to have it. It was the second bass that I bought. I upgraded from a Fender Jazz. The feel of the C-4 was just amazing, not like the big thick feel of the jazz bass. The full scale 34" neck with 24 jumbo frets was way different than what I was use to. The action was way better making string changes and all around playability easier. The C-4 feels lighter than all other basses that I own, so it isn't a huge strain on your shoulder.


This bass has a great tone thanks to the mahogany top. The tone is bright but smooth. The EMG HZ pickups sound great and are controlled by an Active 2-Band EQ. The 2-Band EQ is really where the tone is controlled the most. You can go from bright poppy bass to low bassy jazz tones with the turn of two knobs. The only thing I didn't like about the sound was whenever I would recorded you could always hear a high treble click whenever I would play fingerstyle hard, but not hard enough to where you would normally hear clicks from the strings hitting the pickups. I could never figure out what it was that was causing it, but other than that the sound is great. This bass is really great for live settings.


I love this bass. I would say that it is the easiest bass to play that I own. The action is great the fell of the neck is great and it makes it very easy to play very fast. Whenever I am trying to get down hard and fast riff, this is my go to bass. I have been playing it for about 3 years and not a single thing has ever gone with it. Not even a string break or anything. I have 3 Schecters all together and this one has stayed together longer than the others. It was my first active bass so I had to get use to unplugging it or the battery will die. When the battery dies you can tell, because it will sound pretty crumby.