Yamaha RSC3072 - Tommy Aldridge
Yamaha RSC3072 - Tommy Aldridge

RSC3072 - Tommy Aldridge, Banco de Parches/Programa from Yamaha.

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JeffTadashi 18/07/2012

Yamaha RSC3072 - Tommy Aldridge : la opinión de JeffTadashi (content in English)

"A rhythm card for the RY30"

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The Yamaha RSC3072 is the Tommy Aldridge rhythm card, for use with the Yamaha RY-30 Rhythm Programmer (and drum machine). It works by inserting the card in the back of the Yamaha RY-30, and it will load additional sounds that you can use with your songs and drum patters in the unit. This card was manufactured in 1991, making it incredibly old, but the sounds are still incredibly good and useful, and cards like this are still worth quite a bit of money. There are at least a half-dozen available cards, and they can generally sell for $50, which is quite good, considering that the amount of memory and storage on these cards must be pretty low, when compared to flash card standards today. But that is not what's important..what is important is that they were able to load some incredible sounds onto here.

The Tommy Aldridge card includes realistic drum sounds, and it is part of the artists series of the rhythm sounds cards, for use with the Yamaha RY-30 and other Yamaha drum machines. It is fairly easy to use, I just plugged it into the unit before powering it up, and the sounds were present in a later kit. They sound great for samples that are nearly 20 years old, that is for sure! And that's not usually the case when it comes to realistic and acoustic drum samples. Certainly you would expect vintage electric drum sounds to sounds good on a unit this old, but even the acoustic sounds are pretty good.

Overall, if you own the Yamaha RY-30 or other compatible drum machine, it's definitely worth checking out the RSC3072 Tommy Aldridge card, if you can find it. Even if it's just to take in a piece of history, a little card like this can be pretty interesting!