Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz Silver Sparkle
Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz Silver Sparkle

Catalina Club Jazz Silver Sparkle, Batería Completa/Set from Gretsch in the Catalina series.

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docdrum1225 29/07/2008

Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz Silver Sparkle : la opinión de docdrum1225 (content in English)


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Gretsch’s Catalina Club Jazz kits are great. Not only are they reasonably priced but they sound great. When I first saw this kit at my local music store the thing that really did it for me was the finish. A classic silver sparkle and a classic white pearl. Visually these kits resemble the famous Grestch drums from the past played by pros like Elvin Jones or Jimmy Cobb. I was surprised to find a mid-level kit with an 18’ kick as well. It’s hard to come by a good intermediate drum set that is well suited for jazz. Almost none of the other major companies make 12” x 8” toms or 18” x 14” bass drums in the intermediate series. I finally got the sit down at the kit and play it and it sounded amazing. When I went to compare buying other drums the only option I had was to buy a kit sized for a child or order my drums independently. I was pleased with looks, and sound, but now onto the hardware components of the kit. The tom mount was your typical Gretsch mount, it would have been nice to not have the mount and mount the tom of the cymbal or to complete the retro-fitted drum kit to add a rail mount like 50’s and 60’s kits had. Otherwise the floor tom legs were nice and had a good retro appeal to them and the included bass drum riser was great. If you get the optional hardware pack you usually end up getting some flimsy hardware not suitable for very much. I would recommend buying the kit as a shell pack like I did. Overall, I think this kit is best thing out there for the working jazz musician. If you cant afford to go buy a custom kit where you really can get jazz sized toms and bass drums it’s in your best interest to buy this kit. Buy this kit and you will not be disappointed!