Ludwig Drums 1971

1971, Batería Completa/Set from Ludwig Drums.

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mooseherman 14/12/2010

Ludwig Drums 1971 : la opinión de mooseherman (content in English)

"Fantastic vintage Kit"

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This is a phenomenal drum kit that we have at the studio I work for. I would say that it's among the best I've played. It has phenomenal tone and can really apply to a wide variety of music styles, from rock to gospel to jazz to pop and R&B, as well as country and folk-rock type stuff. While there are a ton of great newer kits that are perfect for rock music, they don't really come close to this one in terms of versatility. While the actual sound of the drums isn't really all that different from song to song, it's just such a great sound that it'll work for pretty much anything. You can leave it up to the engineer to make the drum sound better for different kinds of music, assuming you're recording with it. I'd stick to studio use with it as these are pretty old nowadays and you don't want to damage it as they aren't exactly replacable.
The mark of a great drum set as far as I'm concerned is that it sounds remarkably different from player to player. This kit is a perfect example of that. You put a funk drummer behind it, it sounds funky. You put a rock drummer behind it, it rocks. It's as versatile as the player behind it, if not more so. Tuning it differently isn't really going to mess it up or change the sound too drastically.
I'd say that it's definitely one of the more expensive drum kits you'll find, considering it's age, it's build, and the Ludwig name. But it's definitely worth it if you are looking for the best. The only competition it has is with other old Ludwig kits, which are just as good, as well as other vintage kits that are as awesome (of which there aren't many around).