PDP Pacific Drums and Percussion LX

LX, Batería Completa/Set from PDP Pacific Drums and Percussion.

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docdrum1225 29/07/2008

PDP Pacific Drums and Percussion LX : la opinión de docdrum1225 (content in English)


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The Pacific LX series drums are amazing. For the price of an intermediate drumset, you can have a pro-level set. I ordered my kit two years ago and spent over a week just trying to pick a finish, they were all so beautiful that it made it extremely hard to choose one. I went out to all the local music stores and tried out many different styles and brands of kits. The Pacifics me better shells, better hardware, and better tone. A lot of the other kits that compare with this kit can cost you anywhere from $1200 - $1500. I got my kit for under $1000 bucks, and it came with a 22" x 18" Bass which has great tone and depth to it, a 14" x 5" snare which has a great crack sound to it, and I also got 10" x 8", 12" x 9", and 14" x 12" rack toms which are great because the depth of the shell gives it a great sound, and I received a 16" x 14" floor tom. The only problem I have with the kit is that I'd really love to have full depth floor toms. Instead of having the 14" tom mounted with a RIMS style mount I would have rather gotten floor tom legs. Ideally I think 14" x 14" and 16" x 16" toms sound way better for floor toms because they give it that low end. The hardware that comes with the kit is great. The cymbals are double braced and the pedal is a double chain drive. All pacific kits are topped of with DW drumheads which are made by Remo so that was nice too. Overall the kit is great, and for the money you won't be making a mistake by purchasing this kit.