Pearl Mmx 4 Fûts Standard 22
Pearl Mmx 4 Fûts Standard 22" Silver Sparkle

Mmx 4 Fûts Standard 22" Silver Sparkle, Batería Completa/Set from Pearl belonging to the Masters Custom MMX model.

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superapollo 25/09/2008

Pearl Mmx 4 Fûts Standard 22" Silver Sparkle : la opinión de superapollo (content in English)


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12 months ago when I started putting together my new drum kit, I knew what I wanted from a bass drum - big thumping bass hits! I sat down to a few sets, and when I found myself pounding away on this fine example of quality and craftsmanship, I knew I found the sound I was looking for. You can hit this drum lightly for a soft rock or jazz jam, or you can go hard rock to speed death metal mode with just the turn of the drum key. Prepare your kit for the music you are going to play! Paying for Pearl is paying for quality and it's a decision I continually make. Every time I feel the bass drum thump perfectly on a super hard musical moment, or I get that light sounding accompaniment for some softer stuff, I thank myself for making the right decision on this Pearl bass drum.