Pearl export
Pearl export

export, Batería Completa/Set from Pearl in the Export series.

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sanjuro 11/10/2009

Pearl export : la opinión de sanjuro (content in English)


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The Pearl Export series is an extremely popular drumset.  It is so common that I think I have seen more of these than any other set when gigging.  This is surprising, because I find the export series to be extremely overrated and overpriced.  For a kit comparable to that of a Yamaha stage custom, it is way too expensive for my liking when such good kits are available at this price.

I have never owned an export, but I have played enough to know that they are not my style.  The tom shells have a really deep tone to them, but are difficult to get more musical qualities out.  If you like heavy toms this is ok, but they are limited in complexity.  The snare is decent, but rings more than necessary even when tuned with a thick batter.  The bass drum is probably the highlight, because it is extremely powerful.  However, it is not consitant with the toms and does not blend well.  One strong point is the hardware, which is actually pretty sturdy.  It is fairly similar to the hardware in the pro Pearl lines.  The drum lugs are easy to adjust and take off, though I don't like the look of them joining in the middle of the drum. 

In general, I am a fan of pearl drums.  The higher end maple kits are amazing, and they offer many options.  However, the lower end Pearl Forum and Export can't come close to competing with the other comparable lines, such as Yamaha, Ludwig, or Gretsch.  I don't mean to judge a drumset too harshly, but I have played many different exports in many sizes and have not been impressed.  I would not recommend this, but for a similar price would spring for a Yamaha Stage Custom or a Gretsch Catalina.