Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage
Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage

Stage Custom Advantage, Batería Completa/Set from Yamaha in the Stage Custom series.

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BGugino 28/08/2008

Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage : la opinión de BGugino (content in English)


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I play on this drum set primarily in my school’s Jazz band Class. I have been playing on it only for a year but I can still base a review of even that! Just like all sets, it has its pros and its cons.

I’ll first start out with the pros that the Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage drums hold. First off, for drums that are this high in quality the price if phenomenal. Next thing is the tone. Being that these drums are made from Birch, mahogany, and Falkata woods, the tone is very unique. They produce a warm, sustained and fat sound. The drums are also made in an 8-ply configuration for maximum strength and hold. Another thing that I really like about this drum set is all of the different finishes that you can get it in; everything from natural, blue fade, to silver wrap. Yamaha does it all. Lastly, I love the tom mounting system that Yamaha used on these drums. It’s sort of a ball and socket method, so you are able to place your rack toms about anywhere. It’s also a very comfortable process if you want to switch up your configuration a little bit.

Now onto the cons of the drums. Really, there is only one main thing that I’ve noticed from playing these drums, and it’s that after about a year of playing, these drums will develop small cracks on the inside of the drums. I don’t know if that’s just the set we have at school that’s doing that, or if it’s all, it’s just something I’ve noticed.

Overall, this set of drums is great. Everything from their look, price and tone catches my eyes and ears every time. I would highly recommend these to all sorts of different drummers. Everyone from beginners to pros, the Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage set is great!