Alesis DM5 Pro Kit Surge Cymbals
Alesis DM5 Pro Kit Surge Cymbals

DM5 Pro Kit Surge Cymbals, Electronic Drum Kit from Alesis in the DM series.

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rattllhed 14/02/2009

Alesis DM5 Pro Kit Surge Cymbals : la opinión de rattllhed (content in English)


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I've owned these drums for about 2 months.I love this kit! For the $$$$ it's a nice unit with great sound. This kit is very versitale and the module interface is simple and works perfect. All the drums are tuneable and adjustable like real shells. You can also dial in the pads so not to activate another drum. I use these drums regularly and feel they are pretty durable I go through more sticks than anything. If you can test drive these out before buying you won't be disappointed. Check them out I know you will be pleasantly surprised....