Simmons SD9K
Simmons SD9K

SD9K, Electronic Drum Kit from Simmons.

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musiccreatures 02/01/2010

Simmons SD9K : la opinión de musiccreatures (content in English)


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Not a bad kit for the money.  Easy to set-up.  Pad response is great.  Brain has a ton of kits(Most are not to great) but it has plenty of room to create your own user kits.  Adjust the sensitivity, level, Pan, Reverb, cross-talk, threshold, rejection time, curve, and tuning, makes it easy to create the right snare, kick, Hi-hat, etc.  Dual zone snare and chokable cymbols add a more realistic feel.  Poorly written litterature on the brain.  I was disappointed to see a whopping 8 word paragraph, discussing the sequencer.  Like I said at the opening of this review, not a bad kit for the money although, if you have several grand to drop on a digital drum kit, Id recommend kit with mesh pads.