Fxpansion GURU
Fxpansion GURU

GURU, Batería/Percusión Virtual from Fxpansion.

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content in English
sw80 02/03/2013

Fxpansion GURU : la opinión de sw80 (content in English)

"Has been replaced with Geist"

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FXPansion Guru has been replaced by Geist years ago but if you can still get your hands on it I recommend getting it right away. Guru has some really good features and is packed with beat boxes and loop machines/samples that you can tweak very easily right in your DAW. If you choose you can use it as a stand alone unit, but in Cubase it worked perfectly and never crashed or slowed down my system at all. Even though it is discontinued I still have it installed on my laptop and use it frequently.


There are some high quality built in effects that I really did enjoy working with like the delays and bit crusher effects and resonant filters. There is just about any type of effect you could ever need right in this VST. Guru was very easy to install only taking a few moments and it is very CPU friendly as well as user friendly. The interface was not confusing and it was simple to understand. There is also a manual that came with it that thoroughly explains everything or can be used as a reference manual.


The sounds are all high quality, but I like to experiment with Guru and run different drums through different filters to create some cool stuff. I even run some of the patches/drums through external filters in my FX rack to see what kind of new sound that I can get. Guru has been a joy to work with but since it has been replaced you will not be able to find much support or tutorials for it online anymore. Geist is also very good and it is worth the purchase if you don’t want to get Guru and just get the upgrade.
FXPansion’s Guru is worth the money spent because of the features and capabilities that it has. I recommend installing it on a Windows system because it has been known to have some issues with OS X systems.