Toontrack EZdrummer
Toontrack EZdrummer

EZdrummer, Batería/Percusión Virtual from Toontrack in the EZ Drummer series.

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peepsaudio 08/09/2008

Toontrack EZdrummer : la opinión de peepsaudio (content in English)


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Ezdrummer installs very easily, although it takes a little while since the sample library is a few GB's. You don't have to do any confusing sample copy and pasting though to random directories. The installer is all automatic and it's an easy process. I use a Windows computer with Nuendo and the VST version of ezDrummer, and I don't have any compatibility problems. After you get installed the configuration is very easy and lives up to its name. The manual is great and easy to understand.


I have a Dell computer with a dual core processor, windows XP, a MOTU sound card, and I'm running Nuendo. It works perfectly well with my system. The latency is not a big problem, ezdrummer is not actually all that heavy on CPU usage. It does eat up a lot of RAM though - usually around ~250MB depending on what drums you have loaded up. So you'll want to have plenty of RAM available especially if you're using any other sample based software at the same time. Ezdrummer is very stable, no problems here with crashes or anything.


I have been using ezDrummer for the past year or so. I absolutely love it. The drums sound very good right off the bat, and then you are able to customize the samples in the kit, the levels of each one, the amount of room sound, the bleed on the 'mics', and you can also route the individual channels to their own track in your DAW for further processing if needed. They also give you a large bank of pre-made MIDI grooves which sound very good and professional - I'm sure they were made by a pro session drummer. Another bonus is the "humanize" feature, which introduces slight timing variations to increase the realism of the track. They also have multiple sample layers to avoid the "machine gune effect" like you'd hear on a snare roll. I have tried most of the drum software out there, and this is usually my first stop when I need to make a drum track. Not only is it one of the best sounding ones, it takes you about half as much time to get up and running with an appropriate groove as it does with most of the competition. I am a huge fan of this software. Get it, you won't be disappointed.