Toontrack dfh SUPERIOR
Toontrack dfh SUPERIOR

dfh SUPERIOR, Batería/Percusión Virtual from Toontrack.

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sw80 02/03/2013

Toontrack dfh SUPERIOR : la opinión de sw80 (content in English)

"Used alot of RAM/CPU"

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ToonTrack DFH Superior can run on Windows computers as well as Mac computers. They did discontinue it not long after it came out for some reason but there are other versions of ToonTrack available. I was using DFH Superior back in 2007 before it was discontinued, but I am sure it still can be purchased or downloaded online from somewhere. It came with over 30 gigabytes of data and had some very good snares, kicks , toms, and cymbals all feeling very real and humanized to give a real drummer experience and sound all coming from a VST.


Installing DFH Superior did take a little more time, at the time I was using a Windows XP laptop and it took a few minutes to load all of the sounds because there are a lot of time. The interface of this program was awful to me though because it had so many options and seemed to be so crowded and overdone. But using this program you will get the best “real” drummer sound that you can ever possibly want out of the digital world. The price was only around 200 dollars at the time and that was a very good priced for a software like this back in 2007.


With the interface being as complicated and in depth as it is, it was a huge turn off for me and made me not want to work with this program much because there are so many easier software’s that are similar. If the interface was cleaner I would have felt a lot different about this plug in.
This program was very CPU heavy and took up a lot of computer space. Just loading in all of the sounds took some time. ToonTrack has come out with other versions of it that are more user friendly and easier to work with. But unfortunately they have changed some of the kits, if they kept some of the same kits and feel that they had with the DFH Superior, the newer versions would be so much better.