Lp rock classic ridge rider
Lp rock classic ridge rider

rock classic ridge rider, Bell from Lp.

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sanjuro 08/10/2009

Lp rock classic ridge rider : la opinión de sanjuro (content in English)


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This is a very good cowbell for rock and some other applications.  I have used this for almost 8 years, and it has earned a permanent spot in my home setup.  It produces a very classic sound because it reminds me of most of the cowbells I have heard in rock songs.  I find that when I go to play cowbells at a store or something most of them are geared only towards latin music, and have a much more high pitched clave like sound than what I am looking for.  This cowbell has a solid, deep clock to it and is very consistant. 

Like all LP products, this is very durable and solid.  The mount feels sturdy and it never moves, regardless of how hard the cowbell is struck.  It isn't that complicated of a piece to mount, but I have played other cowbells that were not as sturdy as this one.  The yellow plastic attachment on the end is a very good point to strike because it resonates throughout the whole piece smoothly.  Unfortunately, the plastic piece also inhibits the range of sounds you can get.  I always try playing on the sides or the top, but because the plastic is attached it sounds dead.  When the plastic removes, the whole cowbell does not sound great because of the marks and holes that mounted the plastic in place.  Of course, if you are looking for solid rock strikes, just leave the plastic on and have a good time. 

This cowbell is a bit expensive as far as cowbells go, but you really pay for quality.  I would definitely reccomend this to a rock drummer looking for a decent rock cowbell.  The name really says it all.