Vic Firth Signature Steve Gadd
Vic Firth Signature Steve Gadd

Signature Steve Gadd, Brush from Vic Firth.

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sanjuro 15/10/2009

Vic Firth Signature Steve Gadd : la opinión de sanjuro (content in English)


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There normally isn't a lot that can be said about drum sticks and brushes.  The Steve Gadd Signature series deserves recognition because this combination has permanently worked its way into my playing.  I Love both the sticks and brushes more than any other brand or line and they have serves me well for years.  I am going to review both products, although the brushes are the only ones featured in the picture.

The Steve Gadd sticks are excellent.  They are a little on the lighter side, if you are into that sort of thing.  They have an interesting cylindrical head, not too angular or round.  It produces really nice strokes on the ride and the shoulder crashes nice.  There are both wood and nylon tips, I always prefer wood for sound.  Nylon is better for durability.  These sticks have served me well, although I have broken them on a few occasions playing live because they are light.  They have a black coating which feels similar to the natural wood.  It is a good balance of grip, but not too much friction.  These sticks are very similar to the Dave Weckl signatures, which are also very good.

The brushes are really cool because they have a unique set of wires.  The first 3/4 of the wires are angles to a different degree than the normal wires, so the ends are lifted up slightly.  This helps prevent the brushes from getting caught on a really rough coating on a snare, and helps let them glide more smoothly.  Of course, drummers have been playing without this technology for hundreds of years.  It is just another minor improvement that is really nice to have.  Other than that, these brushes are as good as the normal Vic Firth brushes.  I love Steve Gadd for his playing and influence, but I also love him for the great products he has helped develop.  These sticks/brushes are excellent.