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Floppy Drive Replacement for Iluminating Consoles and Audio - Keyboards



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If you are using floppy disk on your lighting control consoles you know that the floppy´s are not a safe way to save your programs, and also they are close to disappear of the market.


No more Floppy Disk´s !

Increase the reliability of your equipment.

Allow to save in a safety way your files and programs.

Reduce faults and down times in your shows.



•Replace 3 ½ floppy drives on any equipment.

•Developed for old equipment that are not obsolete and still in use.

•CNC Machines, Electro-medicine, Lighting control consoles, Industrial Systems.

•Easy to install / Easy to Use.

•SD / microSD  memory's supported.

•USB Card reader included!

•No drivers or additional software needed.

•Full Plug&Play.

•Aluminum Cabinet prepared for all conditions.

Tested and used on lighting control consoles JANDS EVENT 408-416 / AVOLITES Pearl 2000/2004

If you need more info abut our product please contact us on:

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