Robe Lighting Spot 150 XT
Robe Lighting Spot 150 XT

Spot 150 XT, Cabeza Móvil from Robe Lighting.

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DJKnightfever 10/10/2013

Robe Lighting Spot 150 XT : la opinión de DJKnightfever (content in English)

"Surperb moving head scanners"

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I baught four of these second hand in december 2012 for £800 the lot in mint condition so I got a great bargain as they are more than double that new and they have easily paid for them selves already, Customers always compliment me on my light shows and ask me things like "How much did they cost? I bet they where expensive" Very few mobile Disco's out there have moving heads of this quality the only down side is the crazy cost of the fixings if you want to hang them from a gantry because they are £50 a set for one light just to clamp them and because they only have the Robe own special quick clamp fixings and no threaded bolt holes you cant use any alternative I woud have given them a 10 out of 10 if it wasn't for that.