DiMarzio EP17J00 Jumper Cable
DiMarzio EP17J00 Jumper Cable

EP17J00 Jumper Cable, Cable Mono/Estéreo from DiMarzio.

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moosers 03/09/2010

DiMarzio EP17J00 Jumper Cable : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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Dimarzio's Jumper Cable Pedal Couplers are small patch cables that are designed for use with effect boxes. They have right angled ends, so they don't take up much space in between your pedals and allows them to be set up as neatly as possible. I've got a couple of these at home for my pedal rig, and they're always the first cables that I use since they seem to be the sturdiest of the pedal cables that I have. They are coated in a nylon material on the outside, so the insides are kept to themselves and aren't easily tampered with. These pedal cables come in either 6" or 12" lengths, and while they are designed for pedals, they can certainly be used for other applications as necessary. While the Dimarzio Jumper Cable Pedal Coupler cables are some of the best out there for hooking together your pedals either on the stage or in the studio, they definitely aren't the cheapest. Depending on the length of the cables, you're going to pay around double what you would for a standard cable of this length. While I wouldn't mind doing so for one or two of them, if you have a lot of pedals like I do the price will certainly add up. For this reason I only have two of them at home and use them when I only need one or two pedals. I don't think it's necessary to have these between all of your pedals if you've got a bunch of them, especially for live shows as in the studio you probably won't have all of your pedals hooked up at the same time anyway. The bottom line with these patch cables are that they're made extremely well and are a top notch choice for 1/4" cables that are a foot long or less for pedal use or otherwise.