Mogami Silver Series Mic Cable
Mogami Silver Series Mic Cable

Silver Series Mic Cable, Cable Mono/Estéreo from Mogami.

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moosers 26/04/2010

Mogami Silver Series Mic Cable : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Mogami Silver Series Mic Cable is a mid level XLR cable that comes in a variety of different lengths. Mogami is one of the leaders when it comes to cabling, so needless to say I was expecting a good amount from this cable when I bought it. I wasn't looking to spend all that much money, so the higher end gold cables were out of the question for me, as I also needed a few cables and it adds up rather quickly when you're paying so much for one cable. I should also say that I purchased the cables for use in my home studio and not a professional one, which is certainly a major factor when it comes to buying cables. While it is definitely important to have great cabling no matter what setting you're in, it is especially important in a professional studio environment where mostly everyone who comes in is a paying customer. In my home studio it wasn't as important for me to have the best of the best, so I settled on the Silver Series Mic Cables, which by no means are cheap and/or poorly made cables. In fact, I've been very happy with these cables as I've had them for a bit less than a year and have yet to have one of them break or short out or anything. Anyone who has microphone cables around knows that this is a beautiful thing as cables break very often. Mogami also offers a lifetime warranty on all of their cables, so I'm assured that even if one of mine does break somewhere down the line I can get it replaced free of charge - although I'm not 100% clear on how this system works since I haven't had to do it yet. If you're looking for a great microphone cable from a very trustworthy source without having to spend the big bucks on gold cables, I'd definitely recommend the Mogami Silver Series Mic Cables for any sort of use.