Monster Performer 500
Monster Performer 500

Performer 500, Cable Mono/Estéreo from Monster.

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moosers 16/12/2010

Monster Performer 500 : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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Monster Cable's Performer 500s are speaker cables designed for a variety of purposes. They come in a number of different lengths, but all are gold plated and like always with Monster, come with a lifetime guarantee. The studio that I work at has a few of these on hand for hooking up amplifier to cabinets - both for bass and guitar amps. The ones we have are about ten or fifteen feet, so we use these for shorter distances. Sometimes we'll need to run speaker cable across the room or from one room to another, for which we have other 50 to 75 foot speaker cables. The Monster Cable Performer 500's do see a lot of use however, as they're the first speaker cables I'll look to when setting up. I've never had a problem in the least with these cables, although they do look almost exactly like Monster's 1/4" instrument cables so we've labeled ours in order to prevent any confusion, as it's happened before. Most speaker cables have a larger jack, but again, these are pretty much the same as a regular 1/4" cable. There's really nothing that I can find wrong with these cables as they've never crapped out on us and always do the job. The price isn't outlandish for speaker cables of this quality, but certainly expect to pay more on average. To me it's worth paying a few extra bucks for something you know is going to last and is backed by a lifetime guarantee. If that's not enough for me, just wait until one of another brand you have breaks and you'll see how valuable this is! The bottom line is that the Monster Cable Performer 500's are some of the best speaker cables you can buy, and definitely need to be considered when purchasing speaker cable.