Stage Ninja INS-26S câble rétractable
Stage Ninja INS-26S câble rétractable

INS-26S câble rétractable, Cable Mono/Estéreo from Stage Ninja.

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moosers 23/09/2010

Stage Ninja INS-26S câble rétractable : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Stage Ninja INS-26S Retractable Cable is a unique 1/4" instrument cable that expands out 26 feet. It's designed for gigging use, but is certainly applicable across the board wherever 1/4" instrument cables could be used. This is not something that I've seen before, and while I can't say that I would prefer this to a regular cable, it's still a cool idea and worthy of being used. I can definitely see how this would come in handy as it makes wrapping up cables real easy as you can basically just snap it together. However, I don't find that I'm ever in such a rush where I can't just wrap up a cable myself. The device certainly works just fine and does as advertised, but it takes up more space than a normal cable would and sometimes I find that the piece can get in the way a bit. I don't own any of these cables myself, but I have a good friend who is a musician and has a few of these that he uses for practicing and live shows. While the INS-26S would work in the studio, it's definitely best suited for live shows and home use, as it doesn't provide any real useful benefits in the studio, at least from my own account. The Stage Ninja INS-26S Retractable Cable is a very good idea, but I would like to see them shrink the size of this thing a bit. It definitely seems bulky even if it is sturdy. The price also doesn't make it the cheapest cable around at all. You could actually get a gold tipped Monster or Planet Waves cable for the same price or cheaper than this, which in my opinion is a better overall investment. If you think something like this would benefit you, I'd encourage you to check it out for yourself but it's not something that I'm really interested in.