Tara Labs Spectrum Instrument Cable
Tara Labs Spectrum Instrument Cable

Spectrum Instrument Cable, Cable Mono/Estéreo from Tara Labs.

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mooseherman 23/04/2010

Tara Labs Spectrum Instrument Cable : la opinión de mooseherman (content in English)


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There is a certain point when you have to really wonder what the difference is between cables. If you have a crappy amp and guitar, a new cable isn't really going to give you the greatest tone. However, if your gear is in great shape and sounds really good, a bad cable can sort of rain on your parade. Unlike the vastly overrated Monster cable, these cables are actually really good (as in worth the cost, and better than the competition, something monster claims to do but hasn't ever really done as far as I'm concerned). And the cable will really open up the clarity of your guitar. When I used it with my Strat and Twin combo, I found that I could hear the subtleties of the instrument far more clearly. The high end in particular is startlingly clear. My high end in general, at least with the Strat, is sort of shrill and twangy. This cable retained those qualities while simultaneously smoothing it out and making it clearer. I would say that if you are serious about your cable, you should definitely check these guys out, their reputation is built upon rigorous testing and they actually set the standard for instrument cable testing in their field. This will work equally well for guitars, basses, or keys, they don't really favor any particular instrument. They will highlight the good tones that emerge from your instrument while ignoring the bad ones. All in all, a fine piece of gear for those who can a) afford them and b) already have good gear. They really aren't worth it if you aren't using precious-sounding equipment and instruments already.