Whirlwind MIC-25
Whirlwind MIC-25

MIC-25, Cable Mono/Estéreo from Whirlwind.

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moosers 28/02/2011

Whirlwind MIC-25 : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Whirlwind MIC-25 is a 25 foot mono microphone cable for uses of all purposes. I've only used a few of these cables in the recording studio, but of course it's suitable for being used in any environment where you need an XLR cable. The professional studio that I work at has a few of these cables, as well as some that are ten feet in length instead of 25 of the same variety. While these are pretty decent cables, they're nothing to really write home about. They'll do a fine job for basic purposes when you need a ton of XLR cables at once, but I certainly wouldn't single it out if I was just using one or two mic cables. Obviously, being that the mic cable is 25 feet in length, it's going to be pretty versatile and should be able to reach most places in your studio. The quality of the mic cable overall isn't great, but when compared with most decent cables out there it's going to be right in line and I don't believe you're going to see much of a difference. You're only going to see a difference when you compare this one to really high end cables and those are going to cost you a good amount more than this one will. You get what you get with the Whirlwind MIC-25 and that's a decent mic cable that will get the job more times than not. It's not incredible but any stretch, but unless you have a really bad or really good cable, it's going to be hard to tell the difference between them most of the time anyway. At least with the MIC-25 you're getting something on the cheap that should last at least a decent amount of time for you without breaking...