Pearl Session Studio
Pearl Session Studio

Session Studio, Caja Clara from Pearl in the Session series.

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moosers 03/05/2009

Pearl Session Studio : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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I've been using the Pearl Session Studio snare drum for about two years for recording in my home studio. I am not a drummer, but I have used this drum for recording many times as it is a favorite of one of the drummers that I record with frequently. The Pearl Session Studio is on the larger side of snare drums and for this reason it has a pretty deep sound. It has a nice look to it as well, and can be seen in a variety of different colors. I use the Pearl Session Studio mostly for rock and pop music, but it will work for any song that you would want a deep snare drum sound. I usually record this snare drum with a Shure SM57 in my Pro Tools rig and I'm always happy with the sound I get. The price of the Pearl Session Studio is pretty reasonable, but isn't all that cheap and therefore leads me to believe that it is aimed for more experienced drummers. However, the price is cheap enough that any player who is looking for a nice snare drum with this particular sound could probably afford it. Pearl has a great reputation for making high quality drums and the Pearl Session Studio is a good example of their top notch craftsmanship. I'm not sure that this snare drum is still made, so if you can find one of these used for a decent price you are probably getting a good deal. The Pearl Session Studio probably isn't for everyone because it has a unique, deep tone to it that is only best for certain situations and I would encourage everyone interested to try it out first to see if it fits with your taste and style. All in all the Pearl Session Studio is a great snare drum for both recording and live shows.