Boss DI-1 Direct Box
Boss DI-1 Direct Box
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ericthegreat 01/02/2012

Boss DI-1 Direct Box : la opinión de ericthegreat (content in English)

"handy box"

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The Boss DI 1 is a analog direct input box. It allows you to send a 1/4 inch instrument cable direct via the input and send an XLR microphone cable out into a preamp. It is not a rackable direct input, it is a direct input box.


The configuration of the box is real simple. Just plug your guitar, bass guitar, keyboard into the 1/4 inch input, and send the XLR output to your audio interface or preamp. Like most, direct input boxes, it is extremely easy to set up and use. It also has switches for grounding, which can really come in handy! I haven't had access to a manual to this, but its really not needed as it is real easy to use.


The Boss DI 1 will not color your sound at all, it will simply send the signal directly from instrument to your preamp. The signal is clean and isn't noisy at all. When there is any noise, it is because there is a grounding issue and the grounding switch this has will always take care of that. It reproduces the sound faithfully without coloration, which I what I always look for in a DI box.


I've been using a few of Boss DI 1s for the 2 year2 and have found them reliable and overall quite useful. I use it mostly on bass guitar, running this DI box to a hardware preamp. I have also used it with a variety of keyboards and pick ups for stringed instruments like violin and cello. It won't color your sound and is generally pretty sturdy. The price is pretty cheap and while I use a different DI box as my main DI box, these come in real handy when I need to use more than one DI at a time. These are reliable DI boxes that won't break the bank if you need a few of them.