Boss DI-1 Direct Box
Boss DI-1 Direct Box
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moosers 03/05/2009

Boss DI-1 Direct Box : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Boss DI-1 is an analog direct input box that has a lot of different features for a direct box. It has a slew of 1/4 connections including for input, parallel output, balanced output and then it has a few switches for power and an attenuator. It is not a rack mountable unit as it is box.


The configuration and set up of the Boss DI-1 is very simple and easy to follow. Simply plug your instrument into the input and send the output to your console, amp, or wherever else you would want to send it. While it is very simple like all direct input box, it still provides a good amount of control, more than most direct input boxes out there. I don't have the manual for the Boss DI-1, but it is easy to use and you really don't need it.


The sound quality of the Boss DI-1 is very good as it will reproduce your signal accurately and faithfully. It won't color your sound and will be true to the signal you send into it. When it comes to direct boxes there is not much you can do to alter the tone, but luckily the Boss DI-1 has a great inherent sound and will always do a good job. While I have heard warmer and better sounding direct input boxes, the Boss DI-1 does a great job and is definitely a worthy DI box.


I've been using the Boss DI-1 for about two years and while it is not the best direct input box I've ever used, it sounds great and does a great job of reproduce your signal accurately. I would rather a Countryman type 85 DI box, but the Boss DI-1 is a nice substitution and will save you a couple of bucks when compared to the cream of the crop when it comes to DI boxes. Boss is known for making extremely sturdy and durable pieces of gear that will last for a while. All in all, the Boss DI-1 is a top notch direct input box for home studio owners and professionals alike.