BSS Audio AR-116
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moosers 04/01/2010

BSS Audio AR-116 : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The BSS Audio AR-116 is a direct input box designed for use in both the studio and on the stage, although my use of the unit has only been in the recording studio.  The box is an analog one with 1/4 inch inputs and an XLR output.  The unit AR-116 also has switches for a pad, phase, ground lift, and a low pass filter.  This isn't in a rack mountable form as it is portable box.


Using the BSS Audio AR-116 isn't hard at all as it is a simple DI box.  While you've got a good amount of features on here, it isn't like you have too many things to set.  Once you've got everything plugged in right, you're pretty much good to go, so I don't think that a manual is necessary in any situation for the AR-116.


The sound of the BSS Audio AR-116 is definitely its best feature as it has a clean sound that reproduces the signal that you send to it quite accurately.  I can't say I've got any problems with the way that the AR-116 sounds as it is one of my favorite DI boxes to use.  I've used it for recording bass guitar, synthesizers and other keyboards, and even for getting an electric guitar DI sound.  Each time I've used the box I've been pleased with the end results, which is all that matters in my book...


While the BSS Audio AR-116 is on the more expensive side of DI boxes, if you're looking for DI box that will last a long time and has a top notch sound, the AR-116 is for you.  In the end it is definitely worth the price for me because it is something that I can use over and over again and that I know will give me the clarity that I am looking for in a DI box.  That being said, the price isn't all that more expensive than most DI boxes out there, so it is definitley worth the extra change.  The AR-116 is a great buy for home and professional studio owners alike.