Kyser KGEBA Black Quick-Change Electric Capo
Kyser KGEBA Black Quick-Change Electric Capo

KGEBA Black Quick-Change Electric Capo, Cejilla de Guitarra from Kyser.

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mooseherman 04/03/2010

Kyser KGEBA Black Quick-Change Electric Capo : la opinión de mooseherman (content in English)

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This is a really standard capo, one of the most popular (if not THE most popular) capo on the American market. It's overall, a pretty good capo. However, it is not my favorite, and I have a few reasons for this. For whatever reason, I find myself slamming my left hand into it, especially when I'm playing down by the capo when it's on the frets. I don't know why this is, I guess that I instinctively keep a portion of my hand on the other side of the nut when I'm playing. Either way, the large top part of this capo always frustrates me, to the point where I find myself trying to switch it upside-down, and that too gives me problems (and also looks kind of strange, unless you can pull it off). Also, it takes great care to not get a few slight intonation problems on this capo. I always find myself putting it on, then realizing that it's slightly bending the bottom two strings (or the top two if it's upside down). The fact of the matter is that putting it on takes way longer than it should, especially to make sure that it's in tune. I recently started using another capo that has given me less problems in this regard, and isn't quite as big. It's also not quite as bland and dark as this one (it's silver), which I wouldn't worry about unless it was something that's going to be clearly visible, which is the case with this. I can't totally hate on this capo, as I've used it for many years and have been happy, but I've recently been happier with my Dunlop. Don't hesitate to get this though, if you like it. It'll never break on you, ever, and it won't get too loose either. They last for years. A good buy overall, minus a few nitpicks.