Bosphorus Master Hi-Hat 14
Bosphorus Master Hi-Hat 14"

Master Hi-Hat 14", Charlestón from Bosphorus in the Master series.

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sanjuro 30/11/2009

Bosphorus Master Hi-Hat 14" : la opinión de sanjuro (content in English)


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These Bosphorus Master Series Hi hats are a good example of the Bosphorus quality.  I first found these because they reminded me of the Istanbul Sultan hats I owned.  They looked similar, and seemed to have similar production processes.  Not surprisingly, I was thrilled when I heard them for the first time, as the produce a very unique sound that is difficult to find.

More than anything else, their warmth struck me.  Many old or high end cymbals are dark and cool, but these are dark and warm.  It really adds a lot of thickness to the tone and provides full character and richness.  The chick is punchy and powerful and the splashes are responsive.  When riding with the shoulder of the sticks, it creates a good smoky and chunky sound.  I have only played the 14" models, but I imagine the bigger versions are even fatter sounding with a stronger chick.

I don't think I like these as much as the Istanbul hats I have because they don't sound as old.  Also, the bell sound better in the Istanbul top than it does in this Bosphorus model.  However, this may be due to personal bias, as I never owned these hi hats personally.  There were really no drawbacks that I could see, and these are pretty versatile.  They may lack a certain bright and shimmering quality good for harder rock, but in jazz, funk, fusion, and many other styles these fit in just fine.  These really are great cymbals, and I am surprised that I don't see more of them around.  I used to play the Stanton Moore Signature line after we had a promotion at the store I used to work at.  I was impressed, but I like these hats a lot better.  I would suggest these to anyone looking or a great cymbal with a lot of warmth and character.