Zildjian K Custom  Hybrid HiHat 13.25
Zildjian K Custom Hybrid HiHat 13.25"

K Custom Hybrid HiHat 13.25", Charlestón from Zildjian in the K Custom series.

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sanjuro 30/11/2009

Zildjian K Custom Hybrid HiHat 13.25" : la opinión de sanjuro (content in English)


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These Hi hats are from Akira Jimbo's hybrid line.  I actually think that they are 1/4 inch bigger than 13's (not that its that big of a deal).  When I first saw the hybrid lines, it seemed like a good idea.  I figured it was a bit gimmicky because it was a little too weird.  I don't strike the coated part too much on the hi hats, sort of negating the hybrid technology.  The only time I would hit the coating is when i get the hat bell with the side of the stick.  I don't usually do this, regardless of the cymbal type.  However, whether I take advantage of the hybrid nature or not, these hats really rip through any circumstance. 

The chick is great, one of the highlights.  It harnesses the punch of a solid cymbal with the soft overtones of the K customs.  It cuts through all kinds of music, even heavier rock.  These are brighter than most K customs, which helps to make them more versatile.  When struck with the shoulder of the stick, the response if very solid and steady, more than most 13" hi hats I have encountered.  Maybe the extra quarter inch does make a difference....  Even the splash is great, not too overpowering or tinny.  Whatever alloy they used, they totally nailed a great sound.

Whether the coating makes a difference is debatable in my opinion, but the overall quality of this product is fantastic.  I have to give it to Akira, he definitely made one of the greatest signature series cymbals  I have ever used.  I would recommend this to anyone looking for a versatile and interesting cymbal.  Cater Beauford used these hats for a long time, and that says something too.  I just wish I could have heard these in a larger size, such as 15 inches.  That would be really interesting.