Zildjian A New Beat HiHat 14
Zildjian A New Beat HiHat 14"

A New Beat HiHat 14", Charlestón from Zildjian in the A New Beat series.

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sanjuro 24/09/2009

Zildjian A New Beat HiHat 14" : la opinión de sanjuro (content in English)


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The Zildjian A New Beat hi hats are an impressive pair of cymbals.  While they have a very chunky, heavy sound, they are surprisingly versatile.  I think I have seen these hats more than any other in professional environments, such as in recording studios or on venue kits.  This is a testament to how these are about as close to an industry standard as any other hi hats around.  They are durable and have a very good look to them regardless of wear and tear.

The New Beats feel great to play and the woodiness of the sticks really comes through.  For whatever reason, the stick rebound on these cymbals surpasses that of almost all others, especially with the 14 inch hats. The sound is well balanced, not too dark but not coated and shimmering either. When open, they are extremely loud and have a good ability to cut through music.  For this reason, they are better suited to louder music.  The closed chick sound is also very loud, good for rock and funk but not so much jazz or lighter music. Sometimes in a recording environment, I notice you can really hear the tin ringing out when the hats are closed tight and the hats are struck forcefully.  I am not a huge fan of this type of sound, but as I said earlier this is not a problem with other music present.

There may be better cymbals to listen to by themselves, but in a rocking musical context these are really amazing. The Zildjian New Beats are affordable considering their musical applications. I have never owned a pair of new beats but still have played them hundreds of times. These are some of the most versatile and widespread rock hi hats available, and are highly recommended. The Zildjian A cymbal line is great all around, but the New Beats really standout.