Boss CE-2 Chorus
Boss CE-2 Chorus

CE-2 Chorus, Chorus para Guitarra from Boss.

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LordRiffenstein 01/04/2011

Boss CE-2 Chorus : la opinión de LordRiffenstein (content in English)

"Very cool chorus pedal"

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The CE-2 that I owned was a really good chorus pedal. I had an old one, it was used plenty by its previous owner and it sounded very good. Only 2 controls but it did not need more. It's all analog and people are still looking for these so they tend to get some crazy internet prices from time to time. I’m often kicking myself for selling it because I don’t want to pay the silly prices and I really like the pedal.


2 controls, step on it, listen and tweak. That's how easy this one is. It sounds great with clean or od tones. You don't need a manual for that, just use your ears.


There's a reason why these are sought after. They are the closest to getting a CE-1. The CE-1 sounds stellar but it's a pain in the @ss to use, bulky and what not. The CE-2 is relatively similar and the closest to the CE-1. The CE-2 does not disappoint in the sound department at all. I loved mine with cleans just as much with OD tones. I ran it in front of a delay and could get some real nice clean tones for layering going. I know chorused overdrive tones tend to sound cheesy and/or dated but when used tastefully they work well in a lot of songs. The CE2 works well in front of OD-pedals or an overdriven amp. In fact, I never tried it in a loop so not sure how well it does there. Just stick it between guitar and amp and jam!


I'm not a big chorus-user but I do like it for some stuff. The CE-2 is very good. There seem to be a couple of versions and surely, according to the internet only 1 of them is worth your money but if you find one, check it out and if you like, buy it!