Boss CH-1 Super Chorus
Boss CH-1 Super Chorus

CH-1 Super Chorus, Chorus para Guitarra from Boss.

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iamqman 28/03/2011

Boss CH-1 Super Chorus : la opinión de iamqman (content in English)

"Sweet tone"

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This pedal can go from subtle chorus effect all the way to slightly a little more chorus tones. This is a very subtle chorus pedal. However, it is very easy to use like most Boss pedals tend to be. You can even run it in a stereo operation if that's your thing. Unlike the MXR stuff I feel this pedal is more subtle in the overall effect, where as the Boss takes the subtle sound to make a useful but minimal sound.

Boss CH-1 SUPER Chorus Pedal Features:

* Classic BOSS chorus pedal with clean, brilliant sound for guitar and keyboards
* Effect Level, EQ, Rate and Depth knobs allow for precise shaping of sound
* Features Mono input and Stereo outputs for connection to dual amps


This pedal is very easy to use. With only four controls knobs only three of them are selected to the tone shaping parameters on the box. The rate and depth are what really control the tone of the pedal where the EQ just shapes the highs, mids, and low end of the unit. So you really have two knobs that do most of the shifting to your sound. This is where I think the pedal because light in its approach. The unit is the same shape as most Boss pedals but the I think it fails in the area of lush warmth that come with chorusing.


It does sound very good and most people including myself would be perfectly content using this pedal. I don't think chorus is a main sound in ones arsenal but perhaps it is for some. This a unit that should be used in a sparing way. Try it out with a Strat and a Fender Twin for some classic sounding lush chorus effect. This combo is a selling point for me and this pedal. It seems it was made for this type of combination.

My only real beef with the tone of this thing is that the thinness of the sound does sound a bit digital then analog. So the warmth is not there as the MXR Micro Chorus will sound. So this pedal doesn't come as lush in the depth category of the tone as other pedals do.


This a fine pedal for someone who needs a chorus pedal in the most subtle was possible. You are not looking for warmth or lush tones but something that will just add a bit of color to your tone. If you need something that is deep in its tone than the MXR Micro Chorus or Stereo Chorus will be up your alley.

I would recommend trying this pedal before you buy it because it may not be your thing and at around the same price as other chorus pedals like the MXR you'll need to try it out to get the feel for it. For new they come in at a round $90 which isn't bad for the pedal.