Carl Martin Chorus X2
Carl Martin Chorus X2

Chorus X2, Chorus para Guitarra from Carl Martin.

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Sikosis 14/09/2014

Carl Martin Chorus X2 : la opinión de Sikosis (content in English)

"For the more discerning player"

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The Carl Martin Chorus X2 is a stereo chorus pedal that offers two independent choruses that you can switch between without moving dials midway through a song. So in effect it’s two identical chorus pedals in one box (except for the fact that you can only use one pedal at a time).


So you get a depth dial, a speed dial, another depth dial and another speed dial. You also get an on/off switch and a select switch, which allows you to switch between the two choruses you have dialed up.

There are also three LEDs on the pedal, one which lights when the pedal is switched on. Of the other 2 LEDs, one will light depending which chorus has been selected, and it will flash in time with the speed setting, which is quite useful when on stage. When you switch the select switch, the other LED will light on instead.


The sound is very warm and rich. Obviously you need 2 amps or stereo speakers to make the most of the pedal. The pedal itself is best suited to bluesy or slightly rocky/alternative music. Nothing to noisy or messy. You can’t really go over the top with the speed or the depth on this pedal. Even at the maximum setting there’s nothing too over the top - it will still only give you a subtle effect. So if you’re after a very heavily chorused sound (think ‘Come As You Are’ by Nirvana), you’ll want to look elsewhere.

Other negatives would be that the pedal is connected to it’s power lead - it can’t be connected as part of a daisy chain, and it wont take batteries. Also it is quite a big, bulky pedal. Lastly, with no tap tempo and only 2 different tones you can get without moving the dials it is compared to some digital delays on the market a bit basic in a sense.

But you’re not buying this pedal for digital features. You are buying for a clean sound, for true bypass and for subtle warmth. You should not be putting this pedal in between a cheap guitar and a cheap amp, via a daisy chain of the usual suspects of effects.


This is a refined pedal for the refined player and needs to be treated as such. One for the more discerning player.

Doesn't thin your tone
Nice tone

Big and bulky
Limited range of effects for the more experimental player

In hindsight, would I buy this pedal again? No, I would not. Why? Although it is great having a stereo chorus pedal (I used it at gigs plugged into 2 amps and it made the guitar sound great), I think the effect is too subtle to warrant having the 2 'different' choruses to switch between. For the money I would want something with more obvious, perhaps 'crazy' effects. I've also changed the style of music I make and so the tones this pedal creates doesn't add anything to my sound. If you have a definite style and sound and know this pedal will fit into that then go for it. It's good at what it does. But if you like to chop and change your playing style or experiment with new sounds, this is not the pedal for you.