First Act Chorus Pedal
First Act Chorus Pedal

Chorus Pedal, Chorus para Guitarra from First Act.

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darkwolf291 02/04/2011

First Act Chorus Pedal : la opinión de darkwolf291 (content in English)

"Great Chorus Pedal for Cheap"

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This is a great little chorus. It has a Volume Knob(which effects the volume even when bypassed), an Intensity Knob(which determines the amount and volume of the affected sound) and a Speed knob (which effects the speed of the wet signal). It has an input and output, and a standard BOSS style center negative 9V DC power jack.


This pedal is very easy to use, but takes some time to find out where you want it set. You have to play with the Intensity and Speed knobs to find out where you like 'em set to, but it's that way with any chorus I've played. Other than that, this is really easy to use, and the manual is clear and easy to comprehend.


This is a great pedal. Nice, thick, warm sounding chorus. It sounds like chorus is supposed to sound. It makes your sound thicker, fuller, and better. It can go from subtle, to noticeable and thick, to warbly and alien like. This is a great pedal, and for $30 it can't be beat. There are Choruses that can out do it, but those are a hundred dollars and up. It does have that cheesy 80's chorus sound when run with distortion but so do many many choruses. I love this pedal's sound, and it adds another dimension to my tone.


This is a great pedal. No doubt about it. It's built solidly, has a decent buffer, and sounds awesome. There are choruses that can out do it, but for $30 this is a great deal. It may be cheap, but it doesn't sound it. Subtle, to noticeable, to alien-like warbles, this chorus can do it all just as good as any $50 one, and it does it for much, much cheaper.