Kustom Kasino U-100
Kustom Kasino U-100

Kasino U-100, Combo Bajo from Kustom.

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moosers 31/12/2009

Kustom Kasino U-100 : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Kustom Kasino 100 is a guitar combo amplifier that I have used in a variety of situations.  The amp delivers 100 watts of power and has 1/4 inch inputs for high and low as well as one for a foot switch.  The amp has four speakers, but I'm not sure if they are size 10" or 12".


The configuration of the Kustom Kasino 100 is pretty easy to decipher.  The amp simply has a number of parameters in a row including from left to right for volume, bright, treble, bass, selectone (which goes from fixed to fixed settings), selective boost, and boost volume.  While some of these parameters aren't often seen, after playing with the amp for a bit I got a pretty good idea of what everything did.  Getting a good sounding isn't too hard, and there is a lot of room for getting different types of sounds between the parameters.  Since this is a pretty old amp, I've never had access to a manual but I also never felt that I needed one.


I've used the Kustom Kasino 100 for both guitar and bass guitar, each with good results.  I've never really used the amp with effects as I like the clean sound that this gets.  I usually use the amp with a Fender Strat or Jazzmaster and find that this combination gets me a clean sound that is pretty bright.  Depending on the guitar that you are using, it is also possible to get some slightly over driven sounds that sound pretty cool as well.  I also like using this amp for bass guitar, as even though it doesn't necessary have all of the thump that you would look for in a bass amp, it still gets you a pretty full tone.  Having all of these unique parameters at first put me off a bit from the amp, but after a few years of using the amp I've grown to like them a lot as they offer a unique perspective on tone.


The Kustom Kasino 100 is quite a rare amp, as the only one that I've ever seen is one that I own.  This being said, if you ever come across one of these I would imagine that they wouldn't cost all that much.  While it wouldn't be my first choice for either bass or guitar, it is a nice amp that will get you a pretty good tone with a lot of room for messing around.  Kustom is an interesting brand as it seems a lot of their models have seem to fallen through the cracks through the years, including the Kasino 100, which is definitely worth a second glance.