Trace Elliot GP7

GP7, Combo Bajo from Trace Elliot in the 6 series.

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rains_en 06/02/2009

Trace Elliot GP7 : la opinión de rains_en (content in English)


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Equipped with a 15-inch speaker, the gp7 is loud and proud. It is rated at 250 watts, but I am unsure of the true power, but it will get loud enough for whatever you need without distorting. It has a 7band graphic EQ which really sets it apart from most bass combos. This trace elliot delivers wonderful tone and accommodates both active and passive basses.


Obviously, the graphic EQ isnt as simple as a standard bass, mid, treble, mix, but the versatility is definitely worth learning how to manipulate it. It takes a bit more knowledge than a typical amp to get the best sound, but even a flat EQ on this amp sounds magnificent.


Of course, an amp is just a vessel to carry a bass. No matter the bass, when plugged into this trace, it sounds amazing. I started out with an ibanez 200 series, which is pretty low end, and it sounded great. Upgrading to a music man sub x02 was a good idea. The trace and the music man go together like peas and carrots... if you're into that sort of thing. I often run a boss ds-1 through it. I get lazy and just plug up my 6-strings to it. Of course, they sound amazing. There really isnt any modeling or effects to the amp, which is standard on bass amps, but this thing is so smooth, it makes anyone sound 3 times better than they actually are.. given that they have some sort of rhythm.


After 8 years, this amp has not seen or needed any repair. I love the design of the amp,with the bold neon green and the hex head inputs. It is a bit heavy, but that just means it's sturdy, and durable. I wouldnt trade this amp for any other, to tell you the truth. Im not quite sure how much it was since I didnt buy it, but it is irreplaceable.