Yorkville Bloc 80B
Yorkville Bloc 80B

Bloc 80B, Combo Bajo from Yorkville.

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moosers 12/11/2010

Yorkville Bloc 80B : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Yorkville BLOC80B is a bass guitar combo amplifier, suitable for use in the studio, for practicing, or on the stage. It's not ideal for studio use or for live shows, but I've seen it in action for both. The amp is a solid state one which delivers 80 watts of power at it's max and has a 15" speaker in it. It has two 1/4" inputs on the front panel and also has a few other 1/4" jacks for further routing purposes.


Using the Yorkville BLOC80B isn't hard at all, even if you don't have much experience using amps in general. The parameters are as basic as they come as it just has a three band EQ with control for bass, mid, and treble, and a main volume control as well. That's everything that you'll find on this amp, so there's no need to search for a manual.


The sound of the Yorkville BLOC80B is about average, as it's nothing too special but will get the job done for practicing for sure. The studio that I work at has one of these, and although it doesn't get used too much for recording, we've used it a few times for some live shows we've had at the studio. I can't say that I'm a huge fan of the way the amp sounds, as it can be a bit boomy at times, but for getting a simple bass sound for shows it works just fine.


While there's nothing too special about the Yorkville BLOC80B in general, it's still a solid bass practice amp. You can use it for other purposes, but it's definitely going to be best used as a practice amp for in home use. It can get pretty loud however, so it's suitable for live shows as well, although I wouldn't recommend using it for recording. I wouldn't recommend seeking one of these out, but if you do come across one at a cheap price and you're in need, it's certainly adequate...