Analog Man Juicer
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mooseherman 23/03/2010

Analog Man Juicer : la opinión de mooseherman (content in English)


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This is a basic compression pedal. It has a 1/4" input and output. It cannot be edited with a Mac or PC, and is not MIDI-capable. There are no other outputs on this pedal. It is an analog compressor with unique features. It is not rackable, it's a foot pedal.


The effects editing on this pedal could not be easier. It is simply one knob. If you want more effects editing, or to make the pedal a little bit more personal, you can open the circuit board and adjust the internal bias. The setup is basically really simple. Most people don't actually have to adjust the bias to make it better (I never did). The manual is pretty much pointless, except for the fact that it reveals how to adjust the internal bias, which might be difficult for some people.


I used to have a rather narrow-minded view of compression when it came to guitar playing. As far as pedal compressors go, I thought that it would be unwise to use one for rhythm playing. This is mostly because I was working with a compressor (or a few compressors) that weren't particularly suited to the kinds of rhythm tones I was happy with. I also tend to think compression isn't the best thing for a rhythm guitar. However, I was pretty happy with the sound I got with this pedal, especially with my Strat and Fender twin combo. It makes a great rhythm tone for R&B and highly rhythmic rock songs. WIth a clean tone, this thing can fatten up the sound without losing key frequencies, making it tighter without sacrificing tone. This is a very rare pedal in that respect, as one of my main beefs with compressors is that they frequently rob a guitar player of tone. With this pedal, that sacrifice is rarely made. This doesn't work as well for the guitar players who like to have the high, sustaining lead tones for great rock solos, there's plenty of other compressors that can do that far more effectively.


I like the unique way that this pedal suits a rhythm guitar player, and that it has a limited amount of functionality, to make for easy, quick adjustments. The sound quality is great for a particular type of player. I have played countless compressors, and own a few, and I'd say that this is a particularly good one for its specific purposes.