Bomb Factory PURPLE AUDIO MC77
Bomb Factory PURPLE AUDIO MC77

PURPLE AUDIO MC77, Software compressor from Bomb Factory.

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stompboxjon 19/09/2012

Bomb Factory PURPLE AUDIO MC77 : la opinión de stompboxjon (content in English)

"Came with Bomb Factory bundle"

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The Purple Audio MC77 is a classic modeled compressor from Purple Audio. This classic compressor came out in the fall of 2003 and I have been using it since the early part of 2004 after seeing it in a magazine. I purchased the full “bomb Factory” Bundle for around 500 dollars and it came with Purple MC77 in it. Though the value of MC77 is no where near the 500 dollar mark, in fact it can probably be bought online now for about 20 dollars. The whole Bomb Factory bundle back in 2004 was worth that amount of money and after using it for about a year I felt like I got my money’s worth out of it. I had no compatibility issues installing or using this compressor. The general configuration was very easy and all of the functions of this plug in are easy to use and to understand so no manual was needed. There are only about 4 total knobs and everything is right on the main interface. There are no sub menus or anything else to have to navigate through, all of the text on the interface is big and easy to read.


I used the MC77 in Pro Tools as a compressor plug in, though I have a lot of different compressor plug ins in Pro Tools I still found that the MC77 was one of my favorite ones because it was very easy to use and it was a very small plug in so it wasn’t too heavy on my CPU when running an already big session that . The MC77 was very stable and still is to this day.


I have used other gear/plug ins from Purple Audio and most of all the products they come out with work very good and don’t have any issues. This is most definitely the best compressor they have come out with in years in my opinion. I am happy that I have the MC77 though I didn’t purchase the Bomb Factory bundle for Purple Audio’s MC77. I was actually surprised on how good MC77 was. I thought It was going to end up being one of those plug ins that I wouldn’t use much. But I was wrong, it’s a good compressor that is easy to use and it is very stable.