Bomb Factory PURPLE AUDIO MC77
Bomb Factory PURPLE AUDIO MC77

PURPLE AUDIO MC77, Software compressor from Bomb Factory.

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chrislieck 26/09/2012

Bomb Factory PURPLE AUDIO MC77 : la opinión de chrislieck (content in English)

"Great if you know the origninal unit."

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I have owned about every compressor made. I do use this plug in a great deal and most of what I like about it is the extreme compression. Hold SHIFT and PRESS all the RATIO BUTTONS and then open up the attack and put a quick release on and BAM! you will have a extreme compression. I use this plug in for GUITARS, CLEAN GUITARS and it really shines on guitars. The black face is better for vocals. I pull this plug in up all the time for extreme compression and it works brilliantly. It is not intense on the CPU but I use an HD system and I have not tried it on my laptop. I will say that it is not a real difficult plug in to use and most of time I find it very useful on guitars and as a secondary or extreme compressor for that kinda of old school effect that you hear on spaghetti tone guitars. I also like that you can use multiple compressors and adjust them to different attack times and it creates a really nice effect for the voice or effect for guitar. The extreme settings are real easy to get use to and the unit can take a strong hit on the input stage. It takes a great deal to distort this plug in. I also like this plug in on an auxiliary buses for drums, that is the complete set. I use it for parallel compression for snare tracks and vocals and I crush the input and mix the crushed signal into the mix with the unaffected track and it sounds really good. More so than that black face 1176 for vocals and drums I think this has a bit better extreme compression effect. It is softer sounding than you would expect.


Works great. Sounds great and really sings on guitars and snare drum.

Been using it the week it was released and every since and I have had no issues with it ever acting up, slowing my computer down or in any way performing unstable or erratic. some of my engineers like it so much that I always notice that the first plug in on guitars and bass is this one.


Sound quality is a bit dirty but great for old school engineers. I like the dirt of grunge that this unit give you. BUY IT.