PSP Audioware MasterComp
PSP Audioware MasterComp

MasterComp, Software compressor from PSP Audioware.

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DJ Spinn 11/04/2011

PSP Audioware MasterComp : la opinión de DJ Spinn (content in English)

"BEST Mastering Compressor"

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The MasterComp is the one compressor designed to bring the best out of your mixes without squashing them. I've had absolutely no compatibility issues with it ever since I've been using it. The latest update comes with a streamlines version of it called the MicroComp. The manual comes in PDF form and is very detailed and easy to understand. It explains virtually every function.


I'm using the MasterComp under Cubase 5 and Wavelab 7, under Windows 7 (32-bit) and I have been able to run dozens of them (virtually on every track) without a single hickup or lock up - it is very stable. I've been using the MasterComp since late 2007, and by far has been the best mastering compressor I have purchased. I cannot work without.


What I like the most about the MasterComp is the sound - it provides your mixes with that silky smooth compression that's needed to "glue" your mix together. It features both Hard and Soft Knee compression, SC Filters, which I have found them to be very useful not only in the mastering stage, but in the mixing stage as well. I have used other "mastering" compressors to master my music, but the MasterComp has been the one to win my projects over and over again. In fact, not only do I use the MasterComp on my musical projects, but I also apply it to my DJ mixes - to add that punch and smoothness, and level out the mix before I burn it to CD. It is worth every dollar.